Vita – About Wolfgang


Wolfgang Pichler is one of the most successful trainers worldwide.

His training concept is supported by Olympic successes such as 5 x Gold, 5 x Silver and 3 x Bronze as well as 42 World Cup Medals.
The successful biathletes were Magdalena Forsberg, Evi Sachenbacher, Anna Carin Olofsson, Helena Ekholm, Björn Ferry, Jens Steinigen, Carl Johan Bergmann, Sebastian Samuelsson, Hanna Öberg, David Ekholm, Leif Andersson, Jesper Nerlin, Peppe Femling, Fredrik Lindström, Anna Magnusson, Linn Persson, Mona Brosson, Olga Zaitsewa, Yanna Romanova, Ekaterina Shumelova, Frank Höfle, as well as the Russian Women’s relay team and Swedish relay teams at the Olympic Winter Games, both men and women.

Training the athletes Magdalena Forsberg and Helena Ekholm, he won the World Cup 7 times and, with Russia, the Nations‘ Cup.

In 2006 and 2009 Wolfgang was elected World – Trainer of the Year.

In 2007, Wolfgang was awarded the TV-sportens Sportspegelpris, a pristigeous Swedish award, in presence of King Karl Gustav and Queen Sylvia of Sweden.

Wolfgang was in charge of the Swedish National Team as national coach from 1995 – 2011 before moving to the Russian national team in 2011.

In 2015, he returned as head coach to the Swedish National team.

For the Paralymics, he trained Athletes who won several gold medals.

Furthermore, Wolfgang Pichler is very popular as a public speaker. He has addressed and held lectures for BMW, Vattenfall and the German – Swedish Chamber of Commerce, amongst others.